Microsoft Adds New Feature For Bing – Linked Pages


Microsoft Adds New Feature For Bing – Linked Pages

The search engine Bing, the Microsoft-powered alternative for Google, continues the series of improvements by launching a new feature: Linked Pages, a feature that filters results with personal relevance to users.

The Linked Pages application for Bing gathers pages that have relevant content to the Facebook account of the user and then presents them priority when other people search for their names with Bing, according to Engadget.

Microsoft has however implemented this new option in the U.S. only for now. Users can “link” pages to their own name, but also to those of friends, in order to make sure that when a friend or relative search for results they will find the really relevant ones.

Bing also offers the option to eliminate the results from Linked Pages and users may opt out links they proposed, but also to those proposed by friends. The application can be disabled at any time from the Facebook profile.

Author: Laurentiu Stan

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