How to Merge Social Media With Your Existing Sales Strategy


As more businesses embrace social media as a pivotal marketing tool, they may naturally begin to gravitate their resources towards the viability of social networking, and away from approaches that may be showing signs of fading into obscurity.

While traditional sales methods such as telesales may be considered somewhat old school, savvy businesses know that reaching consumers by phone continue to be among the best ways of engaging with potential customers.

Telesales and Social Media Go Hand in Hand

Rather than lean completely towards one method or the other, the trick for optimal conversions is to find a way to integrate the two to form a strategic plan that can maximize outreach.

Social networks are the primary method of communication for today’s generation.

Since its inception back in 2004, Facebook has since accrued more than one billion users. That means roughly a sixth of the world’s population has a Facebook account, and the figure continues to climb. Twitter is not far behind and has already generated more than half a billion users of its own.

Other social networks – Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and so on – are also quickly making a name for themselves.

How to Leverage Social Media for Your Telesales Campaign

With social networks, you can create your own group and community and get to know a thing or two about your targeted demographic.

By connecting with a specific group for your business, you get to learn who your prospects are, including their age range, interests, and the kinds of products or services they use. This is valuable data that you can plug into your telesales efforts.

Once your prospects are identified, relay the information to your telemarketer sales agents, and they can actively outreach to those who may be most interested in what your company offers.

The Best Way to Use Social Media

Most industries are becoming increasingly saturated, and unwelcome, heavy competition is making it more difficult to attract new clients. Even publicizing your business on social media is not enough, because your competition is going to be doing the same.

The key is to actively engage with your audience and not just send an occasional post every now and then. This means establishing yourself as an authoritative figure in your industry and responding to inquiries.

You should also start group discussions or video teleseminars and encourage your audience to participate.

By being consistent and making it known that you are an industry leader in your niche, you will begin to build credibility and trust.

Keep in mind that even though most of your followers will be more than happy to participate in an online discussion, any direct sales effort will likely be ignored. This is where telesales come into play.

How to Make Telemarketing Effective

When used on its own, telesales does not enable you to reach the masses the way you can with social media. In addition, cold calling is often seen as intrusive and an annoyance.

Nevertheless, direct phone contact with your followers on social network is far more likely to yield positive results.

Since you already understand who your potential clients are and they know who you represent, you can better explain your products or service without them feeling pressured or pushed into an unwanted sale.

Social Media + Telesales: A recipe for Success

Both social media and telemarketing have a lot to offer separately, but their true potential are realized when the two are combined.

It is social media that gives companies a platform to build a base of followers and garner the needed publicity to generate a strong awareness of their brand.

With telemarketing, businesses have a more direct and personal approach to reach out to their prospective consumers in a way that will more likely secure a sale or other favorable response.

With some sales training, your staff will learn how to devise the best plans to thrive in an environment swarming with competition.

How to Merge Social Media With Your Existing Sales Strategy

More companies are now realizing that integration is key when looking to remain one step ahead of their competitors.

A fusion of approaches like social media, Internet marketing and telemarketing will produce the desired ROI if each method is implemented with careful planning and execution.

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