LinkedIn Users in Malaysia Increase through Localization

The number of LinkedIn users in Malaysia is now on the rise, thanks to localization, which has helped boost participation in the professional social network.

Increase in Users & Interaction

After the social network was launched in Bahasa Malaysia in 2011, the number of LinkedIn users has increased significantly – to over one million accounts today. Consequently, the interaction among employers and job seekers has also greatly increased. As Malaysian professionals seek out their dream jobs, employers can expect to find great talents among them. Companies such as Maybank, Axiata, and AirAsia have been using the network in recruiting and retaining employees. Meanwhile, local firms have also begun tapping into the network.

Localization has increased the number of LinkedIn users in Malaysia. (Image: Christopher S. Penn (CC) via Flickr)



Top Names on the Lists

Notably, top names can also be observed among LinkedIn members in Malaysia. The top three universities are Universiti Teknologi MARA, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, and University of Malaya; while the top three companies are Petronas, Telekom Malaysia, and Intel. In terms of industry, the top three are Oil and Energy, Information Technology and Services, and Education Management; while in terms of groups, the top three are Malaysia Oil and Gas, Human Resources Malaysia, and Oil and Gas People.

An Important Milestone

According to Clifford Rosenberg, LinkedIn Managing Director for Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia, the encouraging growth indicates that Malaysians are seeing the economic opportunities behind the professional network. He notes that LinkedIn has now become a place for Malaysians to build up their online brands, seek out new opportunities, and gain insights. The network also comes as a welcome solution to the limited talent pool in Malaysia, especially since young professionals are attracted by career opportunities abroad.

LinkedIn, which is based in Silicon Valley, was founded in 2003. It has over 187 members, including Fortune 500 executives, and offices across the globe.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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