LinkedIn to Transform its ‘Jobs’ Page

LinkedIn is planning to add some new features to its page, as part of a revamping that will make it easier for the network’s users to land their dream jobs. In addition, a new look will be introduced, as well as new tools that can help job seekers search for the specific career openings that match their skills and interests.

The “First Degree” Connection
One important feature that will be added to LinkedIn is the “first degree connection” mechanism. Basically, this feature will show the user the companies where their first degree “friends” are working for or connected with. In a way, this is similar to Facebook’s “mutual friends” mechanism; the only difference is that in LinkedIn, the main purpose is for bagging a new job rather than a new “friendship.”

LinkedIn revamps 'Jobs' page. (Image:Socialmediamx (CC) via Flickr)

LinkedIn revamps ‘Jobs’ page. (Image:Socialmediamx (CC) via Flickr)

Advanced Search Features
Another new feature is the “filtering” of job searches according to the following criteria: function, industry, zip code, and country. These will definitely help users to target a specific job post or perhaps a location where they would like to work in. What’s more, each time a new job opportunity that fits a user’s search criteria comes up, a notification will be sent to him or her. Likewise, the new “Save Job” button will allow them to monitor the job posts that they are interested in. All of these features will generally make searching for a job much easier.

“Job Seeker Premium” Features
Aside from the features mentioned above, LinkedIn users who are subscribed to a “Job Seeker Premium” account can also expect some new additions. First of all, their advanced search features would include an option for seeking job posts that match their salary expectations. Secondly, as premium account users conduct a job search, the site will provide them with some tips that can help them fully maximize their use of LinkedIn.

The new features, along with the newly-transformed search options, will be released within a few weeks to all LinkedIn members.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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