LinkedIn Seeks Help From FBI To Hunt Password Snatcher

LinkedIn has collaborated with law enforcement agencies to hound the culprits responsible for its monolithic password leakage.

The social networking site for professionals called for help from US government authorities to look for the offenders, at least according to a Reuters report.

The news site said that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has started taking notes and names linked to the breach in security – information that LinkedIn did not even bother to confirm.

“We are actively working with law enforcement, which is investigating this matter,” said a LinkedIn representative about the said report.

Another statement on the company’s official blog says, “We are also actively working with law enforcement, which is investigating this matter.”

LinkedIn may think it has escaped public scrutiny on this one since it currently enjoys massive traffic from members who want to change passwords, but the security breach is a turn off.

Dating site Eharmony and audio streaming site both have experienced password leaks as well, with the latter confessing about the transgression.


LinkedIn is seeking help from FBI to hunt the password snatcher that embarrassed its name. (Image: Sheila Scarborough, via Flickr / CC)

Author: Francis Rey Balolong

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