LinkedIn replacing newspaper job search ads

A new survey conducted in partnership with I Love Rewards, a leading incentive marketing company in North America shows that among Millennials, the professional networking website LinkedIn website is replacing newspaper job ads as the primary way to find a job.


I Love Rewards is a company that focuses on boosting employee motivation and sales in its development of solutions for small and medium sized companies, and Fortune 1000 businesses.  Their report, prepared in partnership with Experience, Inc.,  is titled “Class of 2011: Insight from the emerging workforce”, explains that it is important to understand how Millennials go about looking for their first job after finishing college, so that companies can get the best performers.


The report first provides a brief description of the characteristics of the 75 million strong Millennial generation entering today’s workforce, calling them the most educated in American history, highly technically savvy social communicators who grew up in what was probably the most child-centric period in history.  The report says about 75% of Millennials are members of a social networking website, 76% use instant messaging, and 44% read blogs.


The survey results show that 28% of Millennials will use LinkedIn to find a job, up from 7% the previous year.  Twenty-eight percent of respondents will still use newspaper ads, but this is down from 34% the previous year. The survey was based on a poll of over 8,000 people in February, 2011.


Razor Suleman, CEO and founder of I Love Rewards, explains the change in job search activities this way: “The hunted are now the hunters.  The top engineers know where they want to work and they’re finding you.” Suleman advises companies to work on improving their image so Millennials will want to work there.


You can request a copy of the report, “Class of 2011: Insight from the emerging workforce” here.

Author: David John Walker

Dave has a B.A. in Mathematics, loves writing and reading about the latest developments in technology and social media, and has been working as a freelance writer for five years.

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