LinkedIn Reaches Milestone, Passes 200 Million Members

LinkedIn’s user base is now 200 million strong, as worldwide expansion yielded twice its membership in just over a year, according to an official blog post on Wednesday, January 9, by the world’s largest social networking site for professionals.

Deep Nishar, Senior Vice President for Products and User Experience at LinkedIn, wrote in the post that the new figure is a significant and stirring juncture for LinkedIn.

The executive added that this milestone shows more than just a statistic, because it highlights the global footprint and the magnitude of LinkedIn’s influence on a daily basis.

In March 2011, the social network for professionals exceeded 100 million users and, since then, exerted more effort to extend its services on countries worldwide. It added 13 new languages in the process.

Now with support for 19 different languages as of this writing, LinkedIn disclosed that more than half (64 percent) of its membership are not from the U.S.

Among international markets, India continues to deliver the largest number of LinkedIn users and a primary source of growth. The Asian country’s 18 million members are second only to the United States’ 74 million members.

Turkey and Colombia were the fastest in terms of year-over-year (YoY) growth for membership, while China and Brazil had the largest increase in LinkedIn’s mobile usage.

With over 200 million members under its belt, LinkedIn now ranks fourth among social networks based in the United States – Facebook, Google+, and Twitter rank first, second, and third (in proper order).

A definitive conclusion from this comparison is difficult to derive because the social networking sites have varying metric standards and usually disclose partial information. However, Facebook undoubtedly ranks first, for it’s widely known to have more than one billion users.

According to a tweet from Twitter, the world’s largest micro-blogging site, it recently passed the 200 million mark for active users per month. Last year, research firm Semiocast published information that the firm already passed the 500 million mark for its membership in June, but Twitter passed down on the report and declined to verify the information at the time. Twitter has yet to disclose an exact figure for total number of members.

Google+, search giant Google’s social networking site, has pulled in more than 500 million members, of which more than 135 million are active users. Google revealed the figures in a blog post published on December last year, but it failed to confirm if those active users visit the site daily or monthly. In the post, Google+ chief Vic Gundotra called the company social networking effort “the fastest-growing network thingy ever”, but it’s likely that Google+’s attachment to other Google services ignited the interest.

While LinkedIn falls behind its rivals in terms of membership figures, the company has enjoyed a more successful monetization from its users at a productive rate. It reported a $2.3 million profit in the third quarter of last year, with revenue sources (advertising, premium accounts, and recruiting services) each growing at least 60 percent YoY. LinkedIn expects to rake in around $1 billion in total revenue over the past year.

LinkedIn 200 Million Members Infographic

Featured Image by Nan Palmero via Flickr (CC)

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