LinkedIn Infographic Shows Top Professional Goals This Year

The world has picked up its pace since the last recession shook markets, and people are now trying to rise and focus on their careers after taking it easy over the last few years.

A new LinkedIn survey found that more than 74 percent of users on its social network added a professional goal last year, while most professionals want to learn new skills instead of a new job this year.

The social network for professionals released an infographic about the top five professional goals in the United States this year, and three tips to keep LinkedIn members driven to achieve them.

Tip #1 – Follow a Success Story

Look for a role model whose path you want to follow, or whose shoes you like to fill in, and use LinkedIn to track the route of his or her successful career – the skills set, groups joined, previous employers, past positions related to the current position, connections, etc.

You can learn many things on how to achieve your goals by getting into somebody else’s shoes, especially the golden career stories.

Tip #2 – Reach Out

To keep yourself engaged, share the steps you are willing to take and create accountability.

Share through LinkedIn the professional goals and the tips and skills you are trying to learn to reach them.

You can invite some connections to join a “Goal Group” and handle the discussions why you chose a particular goal, and show some challenges and innovative ways where you are succeeding.

According to a LinkedIn, it is best to invite people outside your industry in the support group model.

Some of the most progressive and stimulating ideas may come from people who are outside the box – the goal is the foundation, not a particular industry or job.

Tip #3 – Find the Why

The goals that will keep people on track deep into 2013 are those things attached beyond your monthly payments.

By “Find the Why,” Nicole Williams, career expert-connection director at LinkedIn, meant the foundation of self-control and purpose is on a specific cause to commit to a goal – the more intimate, important, and open it is, the more likely it will succeed.

Most of us lose track of “the why” in the daily toil of our careers, but the important part is to socialize – to connect with other people.

Find leaders in your field of interest, or industry, and ask what pushed them to pursue their careers.

Williams said the reason behind their career choice is not a question they are likely to be asked or think deeply about often, and in sharing, you are building a more significant link compared to the default connection request.

Another tactic as motivational as the previous move, and is connected to your why, is sharing “your,” Williams added.

Look for somebody to mentor from colleagues, or use your company page to find someone who is in the same position to where you began.

LinkedIn Infographic Shows Top Five Professional Goals This Year

Featured image by LinkedIn


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