LinkedIn Closes Down Answers Feature

LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, will be taking down their Answers feature by the end of the month.  LinkedIn Answers is basically a question and answer forum where users can post questions as well as reply to answers from others.  In fact, a number of members have invested a lot of time and effort in using the feature.

Not Enough Users

Apparently, LinkedIn Answers will be taken down because not enough people are using the feature, for it to be continued.  Social Media News reports that the scarcity of people utilizing the feature was partly attributed to the site’s lack of displays.  Meanwhile, LinkedIn users received an email stating that the said service will be closed as of January 31.

LinkedIn Answers will be taken down by the end of January. (Image: via

LinkedIn Answers will be taken down by the end of January. (Image: via

Creating More Engaging Ways

In the email, LinkedIn also stated that they will be concentrating their efforts on creating more engaging ways for professional topics to be shared and discussed on their network.  As for members who still want to facilitate discussions and post questions, they can still do so by using LinkedIn’s other features, such as status updates, groups, and polls.

Increasing Growth Rate

Despite the recent move, LinkedIn is still growing at a fast rate.  Early this month, the company just passed the 200 million user mark.  Last November, it had 160 million users, indicating that over the past two months, 40 million new people joined in.  LinkedIn is currently serving over 200 countries worldwide, in 19 different languages.  Around 172,800 new members are joining it per day.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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