LinkedIn App Transforms Business Cards into Contacts

During conferences and meetings, it is inevitable that people exchange business cards, with the assumption that potential partnerships or connections would be made.  However, after these events, the business cards sometimes get set aside and stacked in a corner, forgotten.  Because of this, a potential new business partnership is not made.

A Solution to Processing Business Cards

In order to solve the problem of forgotten business cards, a LinkedIn application can be used: CardMunch.  The first step is to take a photo of a business card, and then upload it.  The information will then be encoded by the people at CardMunch; this would include LinkedIn profile data.  After this, a person can now connect through LinkedIn.  The new contact info can be synchronized with his or her email, and a business message can be sent immediately.

LInkedIn app CardMunch is a solution to ignored business cards. (Image: XhaShao (CC) via Flickr)

LInkedIn app CardMunch is a solution to ignored business cards. (Image: XhaShao (CC) via Flickr)

Processing by Real People

What makes CardMunch unique is that business card information is processed by real people.  Traditionally, optical character recognition (OCR) tools are used; however, these are not able to recognize designs or detect anything unusual with the information.  With CardMunch, however, the job gets done very well because it is real people who are doing it.

One drawback to using CardMunch, though, is that it is limited to sending only standard invitations.  Still, it is possible that new features will be added in the future.  Nonetheless, the app is still really useful, not to mention economical, because it is absolutely free.


Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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