Kyrie Irving has Largest Twitter Following Among Cleveland Cavaliers Players

Kyrie Irving, the star point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers, has the largest Twitter following (more than 320,000 followers) among his team members, and among point guards across the NBA, he has the 8th largest digital footprint. These stats are provided by PeekYou, a search engine firm which focuses on public indexing.

Irving admitted that Twitter has become a part of his career ever since his high school days. He added that social networking has made his Uncle Drew commercial for Pepsi Max highly popular, aside from the fact that he has made his Twitter account a place where he can interact with his sponsors and fans. Uncle Drew is an advertisement wherein Irving disguised himself as an old man and went to a basketball court to play against a bunch of clueless ballers, showing skills to the amazement of the bystanders and the players themselves.

Among NBA point guards, Chris Paul has the biggest digital footprint. The digital footprint pertains to news prominence, created web content, readers, followers, Facebook friends, social networks involvement, blogging, and other similar variables.

Kyrie Irving has the largest following among the Cavaliers players, and the eighth largest digital signature among NBA point guards. (Image: via

Completing PeekYou’s top 10 NBA point guards with the largest digital footprint and following Chris Paul are the following: Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls, Steve Nash of Los Angeles Lakers, Tony Parker of San Antonio Spurs, Rajon Rondo of Boston Celtics, Deron Williams of Brooklyn Nets, Russell Westbrook of Oklahoma City Thunder, Kyrie Irving, Mike Conley Jr. of Memphis Grizzlies and Jrue Holiday of Philadelphia 76ers.

Irving’s teammate, Daniel Gibson, has 173,000 Twitter followers and is trying to follow suit. He describes himself as a people person who loves knowing what other people are thinking and saying. He also uses Twitter to share interesting, inspirational, motivational and funny posts.

For the Cleveland Cavaliers in general, social media is a very important platform, in fact, that it is only one of few NBA teams that actually have a vice president for digital sales, marketing and operations, a title which goes to Mike Maleski.

According to Maleski, one of their most recent social media projects is the latest version of their mobile app CavFanatic, which lets fans interact with the Cavaliers website. During game time, players are only allowed to tweet until when their locker rooms are already opened to the media at the end of a game. They are also restricted to tweet some information, including trades, injury data, etc.

NBA players comply for the most part, using social networking sites only for fun and entertainment.

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