#KUboobs Launches American College Sports Trend


Boobs have a unique power over men, or so the expression goes, but judging from the Twitter trend started by #KUboobs, they may also have power over college sports events in the US.

College lasses from all over America are flashing their (covered) boobs in support of their college teams. The women’s breasts should ideally be covered by clothing sporting their school’s names, colors, or mascots in the photos.

The birth of this peculiar trend can be traced to a single University of Kansas student who tweeted a photo of her Jayhawks shirt-covered breasts including the hashtag #KUboobs.

That picture launched a thousand more tweets of the same variety and is well on its way to launch a thousand boobs -inspired Twitter accounts all in support of the many institutions of higher learning in the US.

The twitter account @KUboobs now has over 26 thousand followers and similar accounts for other universities in the US have cropped up one after the other.

The KU Boobs Facebook Page now has over 13 thousand likes and it’s still racking up fans. Over 5,000 people are talking about the page.

That initial tweet has inspired a new trend across universities in the US because of its power, KUboobs.com says.

That tweet was sent out on a Saturday afternoon as the Kansas Jayhawks were in for what appeared to be an assured loss in the hands of the Missouri Tigers, KUboobs.com says.

As the mass of Jayhawks fans “watched helplessly”, the Jayhawks lady fan who started it all “channeled the power inherent in all true Jayhawk fans to resurrect the Jayhawks from a 19-point deficit to a stunning one-point victory!” the site adds.

“That power was KU Boobs,” it says.

#KUboobs has inspired students from other universities to create similar accounts on Twitter.

A few Twitter accounts dedicated to this trend, sometimes denoted by the hashtag #boobment on Twitter, include:

@arkboobs (Arkansas Razorbacks)

@bamaboobs (Alabama Crimson Tide)

@caneboobs (Miami Hurricanes)

@MSUboobs (Michigan Spartans)

@osuboobs (Ohio State Buckeyes)

@UF_Boobs (Florida Gators)

@UGA_Boobs (Georgia Bulldogs)

@UKBoobs_ (Kentucky Wildcats)

@UNCBoobs (North Carolina Tar Heels)

@UNLVBoobs (Las Vegas Rebels)

@UofM_Boobs (Michigan Wolverines)

@UTBoobs (Tennessee Vols)

@uwgboobs (West Georgia Wolves)

@WSUCougBoobs (Washington State Cougars)

@WU_BOOBSS (Washburn Ichabods and Lady Blues)

Even the Missouri Tigers now have @MizzouBoobs1.

More and more accounts on Twitter related to this #boobment are appearing so it’s very likely that there’s a Twitter account for the major university you’re thinking of.

 KUboobs, boobment, college, university, US,

KUboobs, boobment, college, university, US,

KUboobs, boobment, college, university, US,

Images from KUBoobs.com

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