“Knowledge Graph” is Next Big Step for Google Search


Google's Knowledge Graph is the next big step of search evolution. (Image: via lifehacker.com)

Google will introduce “Knowledge Graph” in a few days, a tool that allows users to learn more about a particular subject without having to sift through various websites from search engine results pages. The Knowledge Graph will appear to the right of the results page.

According to Google’s official blog, “Knowledge Graph” allows you to find the right thing, get the best summary, and go deeper and broader.

A user that searches for a particular topic will now see a box containing entries related to the search keywords. If that search inquiry is for a person or place, important statistics are also shown along with it. Google bases the added information shown in Knowledge Graph from analyzing a user’s search history.

Google said that this is the next big step to the search engine’s evolution. According to Amit Singhal, a Google fellow whose expertise is on Google Search, “this used to be the stuff of dreams because we didn’t really know how to accomplish it. The dream has always been to understand things like you and I do, so this really feels like a sea change.”

The move to introduce “Knowledge Graph” is Google’s answer to Facebook’s huge IPO offering and Microsoft Bing’s announcement a week earlier that it will include information from Facebook, data which doesn’t appear in a Google search inquiry.

In addition, Knowledge Graph may answer Google’s problem of dealing with websites who know how to deal with the company’s ranking system and seize the first page of a search inquiry, even if these websites may not necessarily contain the best information relevant to the search inquiry. That way, Knowledge Graph has the ability to make users stay much longer in Google search pages, give out more search requests and make the company earn more money.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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