Kingston Launches a New and Interesting USB stick

Kingston DataTraveler Workspace is the name of a gadget that could be the solution for many security issues in the corporate environment, the mere fact that can accommodate a version of Windows To Go.

The stick in the above picture from Kingston is compatible with any USB 2.0 or 3.0, but instead of incorporating a type of flash memory that we usually see in a USB stick, it is closer to the architecture of an SSD. The DataTraveler Workspace integrates ultra-fast flash memory and a controller with SandForce TRIM support and SMART commands.


Although the 32GB would be perfect for a fast data transfer, its purpose is to run a Windows 8 version on the stick. In this case it is Windows To Go, a version of Windows 8 described by Microsoft¬†in a statement as being:” a Windows 8 distribution,¬†completely configurable remotely in a corporate environment, optimized to run from a bootable stick . ”

In the real world, the efficiency of such stick comes from the fact that the administrators of corporate networks can give it to employees so they can run anytime and anywhere a secure Windows 8 version, with network access to the corporation, from any PC with a free USB port. As an evolution of similar devices a few years ago, the Windows version will run about a minute without the stick connected, without losing information.

There are currently no price for this product, but considering the density of the corporate term, this device will definitely not be too accessible. In terms of storage space, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities are standard.


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