Is there a Yahoo & Facebook Partnership in the Works?

A recent report that came out in The Sunday Telegraph suggests that a possible partnership between Yahoo and Facebook are in the works.  Sources say that Marissa Mayer, the chief executive officer of Yahoo, and Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook, are discussing about the collaboration between the two Internet giants.

Facebook and Yahoo are in talks of a possible new search deal. (Image: Tengku Amira (CC) via Flickr)

Web-based Search Partnership

Apparently, the information came from anonymous sources who are said to be “insiders” from Yahoo.  According to them, the discussions are about a partnership concerning web-based research.  Specific details could not be revealed yet, most likely because they are still being discussed by the two firms.

Possible Repercussions

Assuming that Yahoo and Facebook reach an agreement about the matter, what are the possible effects or repercussions?  The Sunday Telegraph notes that the deal could cause a “reordering” in the hierarchy of the biggest tech firms in the world.  On one hand, Facebook would become even more useful for it millions of users; on the other hand, Yahoo would gain a major advantage in enticing engineers and web searchers.

Other Speculations

Meanwhile, some are saying that the collaboration might not be that big a deal since the current partnership between Facebook and Microsoft regarding Bing has yet to be a huge success.  Nonetheless, it could mean a new chance for the social network to attempt a different strategy when it comes to search integration.

In the meantime, the said talks are an indication that Yahoo and Facebook have truly resolved their issues about a patent conflict, which was settled just last July.  As for the rumored partnership regarding web-searches, only time will tell if these will, indeed, bear fruit.


Neal Alfie Lasta

I enjoy learning and writing about social media and the latest in mobile updates.

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