Getting to Know the Infamous Computer Virus – Facts and Statistics [Infographic]

The following is an infographic about malware – software that is intended to damage or disable computer systems or to leverage access to a computer system for the purpose of theft or fraud. It is created by Alan Eilander and Michael Reis,  presented by TopTenReviews and

Why Focus On Google+?

While Google+ may be described by some as a ghost town, the social media platform should not be ignored altogether by marketers.
Why? Because. Kidding aside, there are valid reasons why small and large businesses alike should be on Google+, one of which is gaining authority through shared links It has been discovered that when links are shared through Google+, they do not contain the rel=“nofollow” element that would make that link useless in passing authority.
Furthermore, it seems that …

How To Increase Google+ Engagement by 281% [Infographic]

As pointed out in our last article, social media can contribute a lot to SEO campaigns.
That is apart from engaging fans and hopefully getting new customers and clients out of all this engagement.
What we have here now is an infographic that boldly suggests that you can increase Google+ engagement by up to 281 percent by following the advice it gives.
Google+ should be an important part of your SEO campaign not because it is the biggest but because it is closely connected to the biggest search …

Why SEO Campaigns Gain A Lot From Social Media

Why is social media so important to a great search engine optimization campaign?
Simply put, the world of SEO has gotten a lot more complicated than just targeting certain keywords and with social media very much on the rise and becoming ubiquitous no matter where in the world people are, it has become an integral part of the Internet.
As this infographic from puts, it’s not just choosing the right keywords to drive visitors to sites anymore, “search engines have become a lot …

Why Online Adds Fall Flat And What To Do About It

Most of us do not even notice it but most if not almost all of the pages we visit while surfing the Internet contain some sort of advertisement.
It is not surprising at all then that most of us do not pay attention to online ads. However, seeing data about this phenomenon can be quite enlightening and useful for those involved in promoting businesses and organizations over the ol’ interweb.
What we have here is an infographic created by Goo Technologies from data they got after they …

Six Tips To Grow Your LinkedIn Connections In 5 Minutes A Day

There are already 225 million LinkedIn and as Social Barrel pointed out recently, LinkedIn helps grow your career and your business in a number of useful ways.
Managing one’s LinkedIn presence may appear to be very time consuming to some. However, given that LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network, one will be doing a disservice to themselves and their businesses and organizations if they do not put the time and effort into it.
Can there be an easier way to manage …

Top 5 Social Media Platforms For Your Business [Infographic]

It goes without saying that social media has had a big impact on the way small businesses these days conduct their marketing initiatives.
This is because a lot of people are already on social networks and a lot of them are also using these platforms on a daily basis.
However, because of the boom in social media use around the world, there are now also a lot of social networks to choose from.
What we have here today is an infographic that lists the top five social media platforms your business …

The 80/20 Rule In Social Media

One of the most simple yet often overlooked advice for small businesses promoting themselves on social media is to not overdo self-promotion.
That’s why today, let’s take a moment to internalize what this infographic from reminds us.
This is called the 80/20 rule in social media and may it be a guiding principle each of us remember every time we plan to post something on our social media fields.
In essence, what this tell us is to keep self-promotion to a maximum of 20 percent …

Social Media Users Want to Change in 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media continues to charm the world with its ease of connecting people – people you’re interested in and people with the same interests as you. Last year, lots of luminaries, institutions, companies, and politicians joined social media to give audiences direct information to read, follow, like, and

The Selfie Syndrome [INFOGRAPHIC]

A selfie is a photographic self-portrait taken with a handheld gadget. That’s how the Oxford English Dictionary defines the noun – its official word of 2013. Aboveboard, it’s a term to describe how people exploit the digital age to show their narcissistic