Improving Your Business’s Social Reputation

The ways wherein the Internet allow clients and customers to interact with businesses could never have been predicted years ago. This symbiotic relationship has certainly existed for brick and mortar businesses throughout history, but never the way it does now. One wrong move and a business’s online reputation can go straight down the tubes. 

Even if you haven’t made any costly mistakes as of yet, you should always be thinking about ways to improve your business’s social reputation on the Internet. It takes little more than a small amount of time and effort to be proactive, and the differences it can make for your business, in the end, are astounding.


Stay Consistent on Social Media

Fans, customers, and clients want to know that the business they’re supporting is listening to what they have to say, which is why it’s so important to stay relevant and consistent on social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Posting on a regular basis helps to show followers that you haven’t neglected your business, as people start to wonder once posts begin drying up.

In addition to staying on their radar, you should also consider offering up deals and discounts via social media. Your customers will no doubt appreciate the fact that you’re reaching out specifically to them, and are likely to even share your posts if you get the message across properly. Don’t hesitate to respond to inquiries via social media, either; a personalized message can go a long way in the eyes of your customers.

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Hire a Reputation Management Company

If you’ve run into a situation where your company’s reputation is in question, it’s time to stop trying to handle it on your own and hire the professionals. A bad rap on the Internet can spread like wildfire and needs to be addressed as soon as possible in order to ensure that it doesn’t affect the performance of your business.

Reputation management companies can help get rid of negative reviews and other information about your company online. Why is this important? Some of these negative reviews can show up at the top of search results when prospective customers look up your company’s information on search engines. Regardless of your budget, hiring a reputation management company to handle damage control may mean the difference between keeping your business afloat and having to pull the plug.

Check out for a few illustrative case studies on reputation management.


Partner with Blogs and Websites

In the sea of competition that is the Internet, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. One way to approach this issue is to partner with blogs and websites that focus on a niche similar to what you do. This will not only help you to expand your audience, but will add to your company’s reputation.

Take for example a company that specializes in selling groomsmen apparel online. A simple partnership with a wedding blog would be a fantastic way to not only increase the company’s reputation, but also to make quite a few sales. The more support you have behind you, the better your chances of maintaining a strong reputation in the online community.

One thing that’s important to point out is that you’d be making a huge mistake by pairing with just any blog or website. Some blogs/websites don’t have strong reputations at all, and pairing up with them will actually hurt your company’s image. Before you make a pitch or take up an offer for partnership, be sure to do an adequate amount of research on the blog/website. User comments can be found all over the Internet and are a good barometer when deciding whether or not partnership would be a wise idea.


Guest author/contributor Sara Stringer is an ardent supporter of Social Barrel.


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