How to Use Social Media To Showcase Your Business Expertise [Infographic]

Everyone’s buzzing about the power of social media as a marketing tool. How can you, as a subject-matter expert or consultant, leverage the power of this social medium to position yourself as an expert? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google are the primary four social platforms most often used for marketing. But a targeted approach is better than a shotgun approach when it comes to social media, unless you have the time to devote the necessary attention to each platform.

Each social site has its own unique style and user base. Facebook, for example, has an audience skewed towards the 21-24 demographic, followed closely by 35-44 year olds and 18-20 year olds. Facebook is an ideal platform for sharing photos, videos, status updates and answering questions for a personalized interaction with users. Twitter, on the other hand, limits users to sharing short, 140-character messages—but it’s extremely popular. In 2011, more than 140 million Tweets were sent each day. Want more details on how to use these platforms, as well as LinkedIn and Google for your marketing efforts? Check out the infographic below!

This infographic was created by Zintro, a network of experts. You can look at Zintro experts by region on Zintro.

Author: Aaron Elliott

Co founded Social Barrel in 2010 to bring the latest Social media news and tips to other social media junkies! Connect and stay updated on Twitter

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