How to Successfully Use Twitter For Your Link Building Campaign

Social media has changed the way in which businesses market themselves. Just a decade ago, a potential customer might have referred to the Yellow Pages in order to find a company which they wanted to hire. Although Twitter is a relatively new kid on the block, it is a very popular social media website. Businesses can include Twitter in their link building campaign and there are many ways in which this can be achieved.


Follow relevant people and organisations


Many bloggers have their own Twitter account as do other businesses. It is very easy to find out who your Twitter account should follow by typing into the search box what you want to acquire. When an account is found which has a considerable number of followers, tweets could be sent directly to them which can have a link to a page on your website. As the content which is in a tweet is relevant to the account it has been sent to, there is a greater chance that it will be retweeted. As thousands of people might follow the account that has retweeted what you sent, it could be retweeted furthermore.


Don’t hurry


Just like when you come up with a business idea, it should take several days for you to incorporate Twitter into your link building campaign. Although researching relevant bloggers and websites can take many hours, it is definitely worth doing because valuable accounts will be followed. When you have found accounts which will benefit your link building campaign, you must use a friendly approach in order to entice them so that a tweet is retweeted. If the same message is copied and pasted and sent to each potential contact, this is evident because it will be in your personal Twitter feed.


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Create follower lists


It is very difficult to find a blogger or a company that doesn’t have their own website. You could create a separate list which details what their website addresses are. You could send a Direct Message which explains that you will tweet their website address if they do the same for you. As your number of follower’s increases, there will be a greater chance for a considerable number of people to see the websites you’ve tweeted because this will be on your account. In fact, tweets which were sent several months ago could still be referred to.


Make your Twitter feed visible on other social media accounts


A company shouldn’t include just Twitter in their link building campaign because it must join other popular sites as well. Facebook has more than one billion unique users and LinkedIn is gradually increasing in popularity. A Twitter account can link up with Facebook because the tweets which a company sends can be evident. As Tweets will be visible to your connections on Facebook, they might want to be part of your link building campaign. LinkedIn is also very similar because tweets can also be visible on a company’s account. Likewise, a business’s connections might be interested in being part of a link building campaign. Therefore, these very popular social media websites can work together in unison.


Twitter is a very helpful marketing tool and can be part of a company’s link building campaign. Although it does take a while to find decent connections, it is certainly worth the effort.


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Author: Aaron Elliott

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