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Giving is a beneficial job search tactic for job seekers. As part of the world’s largest network for professionals, a LinkedIn member needs to know that the platform not only caters job applications but also provides ways on how giving to others in your network can help you get hired. For example, you can forward an insightful write up, flag an engaging topic for group discussion, or introduce someone in your network.

Check out some ways on how giving to the LinkedIn community can get you employed:


The new LinkedIn Endorsements feature is an excellent tool to promote professional links to people you have worked with or went to school with, in both existing and previous jobs or experiences.

An endorsement for a person’s area of expertise that you believe he or she exhibits is a gift and a gesture of concern for that person and how much impact his or her specialties have on you and other professionals.

LinkedIn members who endorse other professionals’ skills will have their profile photos appear next to the skills they endorsed, which will remind the endorsed person that you are a reliable and benevolent member of his or her network.

When the endorsed person comes across an applicable job opportunity, your endorsement may remind him or her that you are a good prospect for that position.


Other than endorsements, LinkedIn members can write recommendations for contacts with skills you know they are experts on.

Recommendations, like endorsements, show the community your generosity as a member of the contacts networks, but recommendations also help you tell other LinkedIn users your career run.

Here’s how others learn of your career story:

  1. With recommendations, you discuss specific projects you have worked on with an associate, such as accomplishments jointly reached for a client or a person’s noteworthy managerial skills.
  2. Recommendations, with the main goal to help the recommended person, also show a likely employer the things you value and your trait as a good team player.
  3. A recommendation on a colleague’s page may inspire an employer to click-through to your profile and read it.


Christmas is less than a week away and another present the LinkedIn community freely gives you is knowledge – arguably the most important commodity in the Information Age.

Visit the company’s website daily to come across several job opportunities and to share relevant articles or editorials with your network, to answer a pending question posted by a contact, or to break your personal ideas into an engaging discussion within an industry group.

On top of sharing relevant information to your network, these actions provide you with better visibility to potential recruiters or links to job opportunities.


If you look at the world around you – away from the computer screen and the Internet, you will find that December is the best time to personally volunteer for causes and organizations.

Year-end movements sponsored by several organizations are hectic and in need of professional support, including bookkeeping, fundraising, planning budgets, writing grants and more.

Volunteer work in any role is a worthwhile campaign, but LinkedIn job seekers who will contribute their professional talents will find this unpaid work as an opportunity to strengthen their profile.

Unemployed individuals can add an ongoing volunteer work into their LinkedIn profile as the current Position.

Volunteering, either casual or sporadic, can still move potential employers by including it in the “Volunteer Experiences and Causes” section of your profile.


A valuable gift that all of us will love to read is a thank you note, and the year-ending Yuletide is the ideal period to send out personal messages to all your LinkedIn contacts who have backed you up over the past year.

The perfect thank you notes are straightforward and demonstrate true appreciation.

For example, “Thank you for the assistance when I was preparing my bank interviews,” “Thank you for the introduction to your company’s human resource personnel,” and “Thank you for the moral support the succeeding days after I resigned.”

Surely, LinkedIn is not only about looking for your own job opportunities, but is also about sharing with contacts and networks as part of a unified dynamic community.

How To Share Opportunities On LinkedIn During The Yuletide Season

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