How To Grow Your Business Using Content Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

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If you have problems about the online presence of your business, content marketing will help you bark up the right tree. But what do you have to take note in an online campaign that includes content marketing?

Digital agency Dendrite Park has released a new infographic to visualize how content marketing for businesses compare to the parts of a tree.

Using the firm’s own tree logo, the graphic shows notions with pertinent content that encourage users to take part in a conversation about their needs. As a result, it forms a unique bond between consumers and the brand. For a business to flourish, it has to include content marketing in its campaign.

The Roots

A business requires firm, solid roots for its foundation. It has to invest in robust web hosting and IT infrastructure to support the dynamic range of traffic the website will receive.

Keep in mind to follow an online search company’s search engine optimization best practices, popularly known as white hat SEO. Search engines, such as Google, love great content when coupled with SEO best practices, so it will be easy for the target audience to come across it.

Analytics helps businesses appreciate and understand consumer behavior and target audience activities. Thus, it allows the business to make necessary adjustments and increase user engagement and conversion rates.

The Trunk

According to Dendrite Park, the trunk of the tree is the website itself.

A business has to make the trunk strong, sturdy and full of high quality content so visitors gain enough motivation to return and share it from corner to corner on social media.

Businesses will want to take advantage of landing pages with sign-up forms to generate leads. People who are keen to listen are way better and easier to deal with than those who are not as eager.

The Crown

Finally, the top of the tree: the branches or the crown.

The branches symbolize a number of popular social media platforms where a business can create or share content. There virtually are no limits for status updates on the major social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, it is wise to include Google+ and Pinterest, plus a couple of smaller social media platforms, in the arsenal.

Branches may grow in opposing directions, and it depends on the social media strategy used by the business. Looking for the right mix in content marketing, especially social media marketing, will require time and resources.

All impressive discussions start with a listening ear. For social media marketing, it is not always about what products or services are offered. Social media marketing shares information that will benefit customers, teaches how to enrich them and makes their lives better.

how to grow your business using content marketing

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2 years 13 hours ago

Very comprehensive set up. Ideal for business sites – essp local. Linked in requires no SEO and in itself is a great way to harness local and national leads. Pintrest grabs a wider audience and you cleverly mention PPC. It's not all about SEO – but using your resources wisely.. I've some similar stuff at