How To Get More Eyeballs for Your Blog

Are you attracting readers by the boat load? Or are you having a tough time adding readers to your RSS subscriber count? It can be an immense challenge to add readers to your blog as a newbie blog author. Following basic, simple steps on a persistent basis helps you to attract people to your portal. Take note: there is no magic bullet to attract readers. Good old fashioned persistent and intelligent work is the way to bring in lasting readers who will visit your blog on a daily basis.

Forget low energy spamming tactics or tricks to try to force visitors to stop by your blog. These strategies always backfire because force negates, meaning that as you use silly techniques to draw in readers you will surely scare away the very readers you so desire. Focus on creating helpful, valuable posts, writing daily and of course, building your network by leaving comments on relevant, authority blogs from within your niche. If you stick to these fundamentals you will have no problems adding people to your RSS count persistently, but of course, you need to keep at it over a sustained period of time. So how can you attract more blog readers?

Listen to Your Target Market in the Right Spots

Your readers want something. They want to live their dreams, or find solutions to their problems. Be the person who offers up the solution to their problems and you will certainly draw in a ton of blog readers with increasing ease. Listening to your target market is a great secret of success as few people do this, and you will stick out from the crowd of non listeners if you actually tune in to people’s problems before writing your posts. Take the time to visit relevant Facebook Groups. What are people talking about? What are people complaining about, or what are they struggling with? Identify these problems and you can tailor custom made solutions to these issues with your blog posts. Be quiet, tune in, and listen, and you will never lack for money or readers in the blogging realm. Just stop writing mindlessly and start listening to experience online success.

Post to Your Blog on a Daily Basis

This remains one of the best ways to attract more readers in a short amount of time. You will not connect with more people interested in your blog at a fast clip if you post once weekly, unless you already have a massive, targeted audience. Nope, you need to write daily, and perhaps multiple times daily, to grow your readership and improve your placement in search engines. Forget fearing criticism from people who say you post too much, as these jealous bloggers simply wish they had your work ethic. Just go ahead, post, improve your placement in search engines and prosper online as you attract more readers to your blog.

Use these 2 tips to draw in more readers through your persistent blogging efforts today.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who covers all things blogging; click here for more information on FTP software for your website.

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