How to Draw Job Candidates Through Social Media

Social media helps promote new job posts and search for potential job candidates, especially for the human resources department of a business. However, this unit has to consider carefully how it will represent the image of the brand on social platforms. Will it sway job candidates to apply once they get to see how your website and social accounts look like?

Putting the business on display through social media is a key advantage for companies and organizations that compete for the attention of job candidates who belong to a generation of socially savvy individuals.

Here are some tips on how to boast your company or organization through social media to draw job candidates who have an interest in your brand:


1. Reveal What You Do In All Platforms

Each blog post, press release, case study, or eBook you distribute can draw job candidates. Present this content in methods that are easy to share, succinct, and in various social channels. Highlight the work of your company as many times as possible. Job candidates want to work for a company with an advocacy to help the industry improve and the world a better place to live in.


2. Play Up Your Team

The staff or workforce is the key asset of the company. Potential customers and job candidates will form a tighter bond with an organization that showcases the faces of its personnel.

Highlight the employees on the website’s About Us page. You may present the company executives, blogging team, or the whole team if it is a fairly small company. Regardless of what is preferred, it has to show the organization’s distinctive culture and draw the type of character suitable for the company. Let the “About Us” page motivate the readers to get through to you on social media, especially LinkedIn, the world’s largest social network for professionals.

There is more you can do than merely introducing the employees. Make the most of social media through sharing of success stories on Facebook, interview a couple of employees for the company’s YouTube channel, and connect their personal Twitter accounts.


3. Exhibit Your Ethos

The ethos or culture of a company is an important component for recruitment. A number of organizations receive thousands of applications from job candidates for each job post. The reason behind that is a full showcase of corporate culture. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are the best channels to highlight the reasons why employees have fun working for the organization. Take careful note of fun experiences and moments with employees and share, even the simplest joys, on your social channels.

Author: Francis Rey Balolong

A coffee junkie who spends most of his time writing about the latest news on social media and mobile technology. I would definitely consider myself a nerd (in the coolest most hipster way possible). That being said, I love technology, music, writing, and all things mobile.

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