How to Create Perfect Posts on Social Platforms [INFOGRAPHIC]

Providing information, including images, engaging with users, keeping things positive, providing a link, using mobile friendly content, and simply being available – all of these will help you create perfect posts on Facebook, but what about other popular social platforms, such as Twitter, Pinterest, Google+?

Twitter has its own set of rules to improve tweets: a clear call to action, perfect punctuation, URL shortening, different formats, using mentions, and retweeting.

To perfect a post on Pinterest, the pinboard-style photo-sharing website, it is important to avoid including human faces in images. People more often share those kinds of photos. Another noteworthy Pinterest tip is to use images with dominant colors, 50 percent more color saturation, and less background. Strangely, lots of Pinterest users want to repin images of red and orange colors, and they prefer portrait over landscape orientations.

When it comes to Google+, you have to start learning how to use hashtags to tag brands and people. Also, you need to get involved with the latest trends and hot topics to show that your brand is updated with the latest events. When you receive a comment, remember to keep it rolling with engaging topics and reactions to extend the conversation.

You will find all the aforementioned information, plus the optimum time for posting on social networks, from a neat infographic released by social media firm mycleveragency.

how to create perfect posts on social platforms

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