How to Become a Social Media Ninja in 6 Easy Steps


Who wouldn’t want to be a ninja? They’re sneaky, clever, and they get to wear all those cool black clothes. And in this technologically driven world, perhaps an even better question to ask might be: “Who wouldn’t want to be a social media ninja?”

With Facebook reaching the one billion user mark and LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+ and Twitter at a combined 1.2 billion, you really do need to employ some unique weapons to stand out.

social media ninja

The social media ninja. (Flickr / sinbad9)

1. Stealth Planning

To be silent and sharp like a ninja, it will take some planning. This means making decisions on what sites to tackle the most based on target demographics, when to use slang or acronyms, and when to be professional.

Take a sneak peek at what your competitors are doing to develop a strategic plan before your attack. Is there a reason to dedicate more posts to one social media venue versus another (say Facebook versus Twitter or Pinterest)? Don’t start your journey without some goals set and a plan.

2. Sneak In and Wait

Don’t expect to be explosive as soon as you hit the social media scene. It will take some time to build a following. It’s important to engage initially, however. Do this by thinking outside the box. Compose your own tweets and posts — don’t just repost from others or steal content, even if ninjas are sneaky. The waiting game will be over before you know it, but you have to be patient and bide your time.

3. Choose Strategic Battles Wisely

You need to target those who will follow your posts, messages, images, and tweets. When they’re engaged, it’s time to strike and build your brand — play nice, but always make sure you have the advantage.

This means engaging in consumer interaction in its highest form, but it doesn’t mean continuing to engage those who offer nothing in return. Skip the unimportant and focus on the battles where you’ll prevail and reel people in.

4. Change the Game

To really achieve ninja status and become a top social media expert, realize when you need to change the game and mix things up a bit. Determine the times when the battlefield is suddenly quiet and void of your opponents. Draw your audience back in with the unusual, the unbelievable, and the OMGs. In no time, you’ll be leading the battle and adding notches on your sword as top social spy.

5. Experiment Boldly

Do what’s never been tried. This is the time for every post or tweet to offer a little, “what does that mean?” edge to it. The more tactfully aggressive you become, the more your followers will bow to your skills and tell others and soon your pool of targets becomes larger — you are a master ninja now!

6. Realize There Are More Ninjas Out There

Just when you’ve dug yourself out of the trenches and have risen to the top of the combat zone, suddenly you notice another stealthy social media ninja, with the same spy skills you possess. It’s time to level the battlefield and reinvent your content creation.

This is another occasion when being tactfully aggressive will help you to beat them at their own game. Don’t do what they do, be better than they are by dismissing the boring, and instead, entice with skills you must dig deep to find. Be wise, yet fierce. Plunge in with all your weapons to reach the top spot again.

Being the best at social media means planning, thinking outside the box, choosing your weapons wisely, and realizing competition is out there. Rule with these tips and soon you’ll be a ninja to be reckoned with.


Guest author Angela Freeman is a freelance tech, travel and health writer. When she isn’t writing she is working out, cooking and playing online slots. Follow her on Twitter: @Ang_Freeman3

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