Be An Influencer On Twitter

Social media has undoubtedly become an integral part of both startups and big enterprises in the industry. Boosting sales by marketing products and services, regularly providing target audiences with perceptive ideas or information within a particular sector, bringing in new faces to a well-established team, interacting and socializing with colleagues – all of these have important uses in the business industry. The subject on its efficient, sufficient use, however, tells a different story with many versions.

Businesses cannot expect to max out the positive results brought in by social media by simply plunging its toes in and out of a deep and seemingly endless platform. Entrepreneurs need to fire up a strong engagement within a chosen community to feel the full blast of this social furnace. Thus the main goal of each business should be to turn itself into an ‘influencer’, an influential driving force in a field of interest. Future clients and customers, seeing the enterprise as a trustworthy source of information, will eventually turn up at the doorstep should they need the rendered services.

The task of becoming an influencer cannot be done overnight. Someone has to look for and convince a well-established influencer to hand out its pool of existing contacts. We can place this into a real world perspective by using Twitter, the micro-blogging site considered as the second most popular social media platform after Facebook, as a model.

Be An Influencer On Twitter

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The number of Twitter followers is, at least for most people, a measure of the enterprise’s popularity, similar to that of consumer likeability through Facebook’s Like button. Multinational companies, executives, celebrities, startups, etc. – all of these entities need to gain Twitter followers to expand influence. Take a risk in the hope of a favorable outcome. Choosing the right people to accept as followers based on potential client or customer interests will limit the audience. Perform an across-the-board approval of followers who come from different industries and fields of interest. If they are not potential consumers, the chance they know somebody who is interested is high.

Never limit the venture to followers on a single industry with common interests. The quickest way to increase the number of followers is to follow as many Twitter accounts as possible, but take note that this will look like a dire measure. It will likely draw followers who are also precipitous and uninterested of your tweets, thinking you are just another small cut on Twitter.

The search for followers on the micro-blogging site is all about relevance. The best way to gain Twitter followers is to filter the queries typed on the search bar with industry-specific keywords, and seek out people who already have a modest number of followers and post things related to your business’s interests. Following these individuals will help pull in a fair amount of followers by mutual interaction, but the larger task will need more time and effort.

When the fan base of your Twitter account is now increasing at a steady rate – no matter how slow, it is high time to move forward and develop relationships with your followers. The ideal move to reach out and interact with followers is to share information worthy of their reading time. Posting or tweeting relevant information from established sources will help spread the word to all areas of Twitter and attract more people to follow your account.

The big fish or main influencers within your field of interest will not have direct access to your posts in the offset because they are not your Twitter followers, but they can still see your tweets. The continual distribution of insightful information will boost the number of shares until the major influencers take notice of you. If they regular see a large number of retweets from your posts and like the good reads, they will follow you.

No Twitter account is an island: building a large following on Twitter means social movement. Do not rely on personal posts and expect people to fall in awe with everything you tweet about. It is selfish and self-serving to listen and talk about your personal thoughts. It is important to share relevant information from other people by retweeting a post or an article you find interesting. Tweets from somebody else’s account will help develop a relationship between you and the one who wrote it first. Other people, especially your followers, will revere you more as an active community member and regard you with more approval.

“The end justifies the means,” wrote Niccolo Machiavelli in the book ‘The Prince’. An active business will think of all these information about Twitter – and social media as a whole – as a taxing endeavor, but the results of a clean, honest job is really rewarding. Thankfully existing tools can make the experience a whole lot easier.

Be An Influencer On Twitter

Image: Dell Inc. via Flickr (CC)

For a business to remain involved and enrich relationships with its community members, it will have to devise a strategy on what to tweet next on a specific time or day. Gather data on the times of day that most followers are online and tweet substantive information. While Twitter already has its self-developed apps on multiple platforms, the software comes with limited features. There are plenty of third party apps, both on desktop and mobile devices, that will help your business post scheduled tweets.

After developing a plan for several tweets and put them on scheduled releases, make up your mind when to login and add unrehearsed posts. This allows you to combine both plans of action and prevent all your posts from looking like machine-driven tweets. Never limit the number of times you tweet the same post. If it talks about something important and a good read for your followers, tweet it repeatedly during the most receptive times of the day and on varying weeks. This method will likely deliver the message to different people each time you tweet it.

Always bear in mind that your Twitter followers and audiences are real people you have to socialize with and interact with to build relationships. If the time comes when you start seeing the number of followers as a mere statistic and try to throw them a sales pitch, find a mirror and say what you tweeted to your reflection – the immediate reaction of your image will sum it all up for you.

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