How Social Media Influence Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media has a key role in digital and online marketing. As billions of consumers continue to visit social networks and platforms, more and more netizens go to the Internet to look or ask for advice prior to a purchasing decision., a website design team based in Dubai, has compiled data and designed an infographic to show how social media continues to influence businesses. It provides information on how to better understand the impact of social media on online marketing campaigns.

With data from Salesforce, Experian, and Hubspot, the graphic reveals that 27 percent of the total online time is spent on social networks, wherein Facebook accounts for 85 percent of Internet users and Twitter accounts for 49 percent of the same demographic.

To show how influential social media is to purchasing decisions, the visual shows that 84 percent of online shoppers now use the social platform to seek advice before they make a purchasing decision.

Social media is now large enough to generate nearly twice the marketing leads when compared to direct mail, PPC, telemarketing, and trade shows. In addition, its lead conversion rates are 13 percent more than the average conversion rate.

When it comes to customer acquisition by industry, Facebook leads Consumer Goods with 73 percent of companies, Twitter leads Technology (Hardware) with 50 percent, and LinkedIn stood out in Marketing Agency with 58 percent of companies, Professional Services/Consulting with 56 percent, Technology (Software) with 50 percent, and Financial Services with 38 percent.


The Effect of Social Media on Purchasing Decisions

1. 81 percent of consumers were influenced by posts from friends on social media.

2. 79 percent liked the Facebook page of a company to avail of discounts and offers.

3. 78 percent made a purchase after reading the posts of a company on social media.

4. 74 percent browsed through social networking sites prior to a purchasing decision.

5. 71 percent tend to purchase a product or service based on referrals from social media.

6. 53 percent of Twitter users posted tweets about a product or company recommendations.

To round up the infographic, presented how marketers use social media in their online marketing campaigns. It consists of building a loyal fan base, gaining marketplace intelligence, generating business exposure, generating leads, improving sales, increasing traffic, and reducing marketing expenses.

While that long introduction may have spilled some of the beans, the best way to enjoy a graphical representation is to check it out on your own. So without further ado, here’s how social media influence businesses.

how social media influence businesses

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