How Social Is Aiding Nonprofits Raise Money [Infographic]


We’ve all heard the stories of how social media and social networking can become a nightmare for some but as it turns out, social can also be a great force for good.

One such way social media and social networking has helped our communities is by helping nonprofit organizations raise funds for their charitable work.

This is evident in data released by MDG Advertising through the infographic which is posted below.

According to the advertising firm, 2012 was “a very good year for social giving”.

“Raising money for good causes through social media has more than doubled in the last five years,” MDG Advertising says in the infographic. “With the ever-increasing usage of social media and the viral nature of online events, such as #GivingTuesday, social giving is becoming very popular and effective among nonprofits.”

According to MDG, nonprofit organizations have a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In fact, 98 percent of nonprofits have a presence in Facebook while the least used social network is Google Plus which still counts 26 percent of all nonprofits having accounts.

Nonprofits most commonly raise money through Facebook by asking for individual donations followed by event fundraising then causes and peer-to-peer fundraising.

The most active day for nonprofit fundraising was on Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday following Cyber Monday when donations to charities and nonprofit organizations soared.

“On #GivingTuesday 2012, organizations around the world used social media sites to reach out to their followers and saw some impressive numbers,” MDG Advertising says.

According to the advertising firm, $10 million was raised online on #GivingTuesday, a 53 percent increase when compared to the amount raised in the same day last year.

Furthermore, the firm says that “The amount of money raised through crowdfunding sites in 2012 is estimated to be 91 percent higher than 2011.”

Crowdfunding sites usually gain traction for their campaigns using social networks and social media.

“By the end of 2012, there will be an estimated 536 crowdfunding platforms around the world, and the year-over-year industry growth is increasing,” MDG says.

Another interesting tidbit shared by MDG Advertising in their infographic is how social endorsement drives social giving.

According to the firm, when a friend posts a charitable donation to a social media site like their Facebook account, 68 percent of people in their network “take time to learn more about a charity if they see a friend posting about it.”

Fifty-eight percent “ask the friend for more information about the cause while 51 percent “have more respect for a friend that posts about the charitable donation.”

Not only do nonprofits and their causes benefit from social media and social giving, it also seems from this data that people are more likely to be highly regarded if they give to causes and posts about this giving in their social networking accounts.

Directly related to a higher chance of nonprofits getting donations, MDG Advertising says that 29 percent of people in a network will donate if their friend donates and informs his or her network of the donation through social networking.

If people do not directly donate, however, 34 percent still would repost the donation request while only 10 percent would do nothing.

To illustrate how important specific social networks are to nonprofit organizations and to their fundraising activities, the infographic says that “Incorporating social media can dramatically benefit a fundraiser, with the addition of Twitter generating almost 10 times more money raised.”

That is to say, without Twitter integration in online fundraising, the amount of money raised will be just about a tenth of the amount of money raised hard Twitter been integrated to the drive.

Furthermore, MDG says that “$161.30 is the average value of a Facebook like for a nonprofit over 12 months. This number climbs to $214.81 when combined with other channels.”

For the full social giving infographic, read below.

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