How Does Google Understand You? [Infographic]

Google is currently the world’s foremost search engine so they must be doing something right – something that people find helpful.

This, however, unquantifiable it may seem to the layman, makes people return to Google time and again if ever they need to search for something on the Internet.

But is it really unquantifiable? It probably is not to people who work inside the Internet giant that is Google.

What probably set Google apart from the rest of the pack is that early on, it strove and succeeded more than its competitors at understanding what each and everyone wants to look for.

So how exactly does the Mountain View-based company understand people and what they want to look for in the ocean of data that is the Internet?

It all has to do with semantics, this infographic from Vertical Measures says.

Learn more about how Google understands people – including the various behind-the-scenes processes triggered every time someone makes a query on the search engine – in the infographic below.

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Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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