HootSuite and Brandwatch Empower Social Intelligence Engagement


New integration between social service providers uses automated insights to streamline social intelligence engagement across the enterprise.

Hootsuite and Brandwatch have integrated their products to provide customers an in-depth social listening and engagement solution that handles social media for businesses.

In a statement, both companies say the solution reinforces the capacity of businesses to create social relationships through the integration of advanced listening, social business intelligence, extensive engagement, and publishing functionality.

Hootsuite is among the world’s most popular social relationship platforms and provides widespread engagement and across-the-board social media publication for individuals and companies.

As a social analytics and intelligence firm, Brandwatch provides advanced listening and social business intelligence capabilities.

Apart from PR, marketing, and social customer care, they say the initiative will especially be valuable to social selling, as it facilitates sales and lead generation to determine and interact with prospective client on social media platforms.

Posts or information gathered by Brandwatch are scrutinized through a wide range of custom-made analytics tools and techniques, and automatically organized, filtered, transmitted, and synced with HootSuite streams.

Hootsuite says the entire process provides a faster, simpler means for organizations to consolidate and handle social selling, social marketing, and social customer service for the business industry.

The Brandwatch integration contributes key indicators to an comprehensive workflow management solution with sentiment, automated tags, priority flagging, and assignment filtering, as well as provide enterprise customers better access to data, adds Hootsuite in its press release.

The integration allows clients to use social business intelligence for well-informed decisions in real-time and to take quick action, using Hootsuite to distribute content across several channels at the best times, schedule posts and placements, and access approved content libraries.

HootSuite says it already has taken care of the necessary agreements for customers in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare and financial services.

hootsuite brandwatch integration

Brandwatch integrated into the Hootsuite dashboard.


Notable Highlights


1. Monitor and Engage

Users can keep tabs on and modify Brandwatch data streams in the dashboard, and engage with influencers using the HootSuite publishing workflow.


2. Widespread Data Gathering

Brandwatch provides a unique data-gathering technology that pulls information from more than 70 million sources worldwide. It allows users to use filters in an advanced search query within the HootSuite dashboard.


3. Integrated Interface

The combination of social media monitoring and publishing in a unified interface allows the community, sales, marketing, customer service teams to deal with social data more effectively.


4. Innovative Sentiment Analysis

Brandwatch provides advanced sentiment analysis to help customers know and understand the quality of data with a quick look. It offers insight to organizations about the best content for positive engagement.


5. Better Language Support

Brandwatch provides better language support to convey messages and conversations in 27 languages. It covers 97 percent of the world’s people with NLP analysis and sentiment classifiers for each.

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