‘Google Takeout’ Transfers Google+ Circles Between Accounts

Google last week revealed Takeout to allow users to transfer Circles from one Google+ account to another.

Posted in the Google+ page of the company’s product manager Ronald Ho is an update of the new tool’s capability to transfer spontaneously all of a user’s followers straight into his/her new, desired profile by simply clicking the option “Transfer your Google connections to another account” found on the site. The firm guarantees that even the user’s most ambiguous follower will transfer to the new profile.

Under Takeout, users will have a 48-hour transfer process, which can no longer be cancelled once started. It will take seven days to process the request prior to the actual transfer, and only a single attempt in every six months is allowed for users to transfer Circles. Given the procedure, it provides a clear impression for users to first ponder before clicking.

However, several users are greatly disappointed to learn that the service currently is open only to users of Google+ Circles and excludes any other content from Google’s social network.

Several feedbacks have been noted in response to Ho’s notification. One comment written by a user, states that “If this doesn’t bring over stuff like +1s, I have trouble seeing it as a valid solution.”

google-takeoutAnother Google critic pointed out that the company is “doing it wrong,” and suggested that it should just plainly let users to integrate Google accounts, as well as handover any Google service from an account to another. “I didn’t choose to have a different account for orkut, and another one for blogger, and another one for […]. There was simply no google single-sign-on for that service at the time,” he added.

Ho added in a distinct comment below his original post that the firm “unfortunately” has no positive affirmations to back up the transfer of a created content from one account to another. “At the moment this tool supports helping you move your social graph from one profile to another,” he explained.

Then again, it’s good news for Google to learn that someone still looks on the bright side of the development. “Absolutely fantastic news. Many many thanks to you [Ho] and the team for the hard work in getting this out,” commented the search giant.

Meanwhile, Ho advises users to log out of the account whenever they come across a notice saying that “This account doesn’t have G+ profile” when switching Circles, and that they first have to log in to the account containing the Circles they want to transfer, termed as the “source” account, before going on with the Takeout steps.

Author: Francis Rey Balolong

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