Google Shopper 3.0 for Android and iOS Now Available

Google launched on Saturday, November 10, an update to its Google Shopper app for Android and iOS to search products, browse gift ideas, and find great deals on the go.

“As you hit the mall this holiday season, chances are you’ll be accompanied by a reliable personal shopping companion: your mobile phone. Four out of five mobile phone and tablet owners plan to use their device for holiday shopping – for comparing prices, locating nearby stores, and searching for coupons,” said John Shriver-Blake, Product Manager, Google Shopper, in a blog post.

Google Shopper 3.0 for Android and iOS has a redesigned homescreen with a larger search box for easy navigation. Users will see larger images of more detailed product designs when they browse curated gift ideas and hottest trends on the homepage, or search for accessories and apparel.

The latest version of Shopper simplifies the search for deals online and at nearby stores. The new Sales page displays weekly circulars from local stores as well as several featured promotional offers redeemable online or in person. It displays store promotions such as ‘30% off’ or ‘free shipping’ while searching for products within the app.

Shopper now features GoodGuide ratings, a rating system that indicates on a scale of one to ten whether a product is healthy, safe and environmentally friendly. When available for a product, GoodGuide ratings appear when scrolling down the product detail screen.

Google Shopper 3.0 for Android and iOS are now available at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Google Shopper 3.0 for Android and iOS Now Available

Author: Francis Rey Balolong

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