Google Rolls Out Online Privacy Tool ‘Me on the Web’

Google Rolls Out Online Privacy Tool Me on the Web

Screenshot of Google's Online Privacy Tool, Me on the Web

Google has released a new online privacy tool called Me on the Web, allowing users to manage their identities on the Internet.

As the hype surrounding social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, continues, more cyber-criminals will take advantage of it and steal online identities, so Google finally decided to help online users monitor their privacy and identity with Me on the Web.

Users can find the online privacy tool on the Google Dashboard, offering them to make the Internet experience a safer one.

Me on the Web sets up alerts that notifies if a user’s name or email address is mentioned anywhere on the Internet, and puts forward several search terms that a user may want to monitor.

Unlike other alert features, Google’s online privacy tool delivers resource links for details on what other people are writing about you online, and provides tips on how to remove the content.

Other than Me on the Web, the company has other features to help users post or search terms online anonymously or using a pseudonym.


Author: Francis Rey Balolong

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