Google Releases Google+ API To Developers

Google Releases Google+ API to DevelopersGoogle, the world’s largest online search provider, has released the first public Application Programming Interface (API) for third-party developers who want to build apps for Google+, the company’s social networking project.

The first batch of Google+ APIs authorizes software developers to pull public data from users’ profiles in read-only mode, and limited to “courtesy usage quota.”

Google said that the latest development would be a forerunner to create a more capable developer platform, which the company believes is vital for all social networks.

Twitter has made over one million apps from more than 750,000 people who are members of its developer community.

While Google’s use of its OpenSocial API for Google+ remains to be seen ever since its development in 2007, the search giant publicized it as able-bodied substitute to copyrighted tools for multiple platforms like Facebook.

OpenSocial is a set of APIs for social networks where developers can create apps compatible with all social networking sites, without the need for modifications.

Author: Francis Rey Balolong

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