Google Plus Tackles Social Media Clutter with Sliders

Google Plus introduced the Sliders function to address the issue of Social media clutter.

It is very difficult to maintain thousands of friends in any social networking site. With Google’s new Sliders function, one can control the outgoing and incoming notifications.

Information technology communities of medium sized businesses discuss the implications of clutter. Businesses may have millions of followers, or friends, but if those users aren’t engaging, then they are of no use at all.

Google Plus sliders now give users more control over outgoing and incoming notifications. (Image: entertailion (CC) via Flickr)

Reporting from CNET, Dara Kerr said that Google Plus has allowed its users to control the notifications they receive from their friends and colleagues. In addition, Google users can also control what notifications from them appear in their friends’ pages.

Sliders have always been there in Google Plus, but now it allows users to have more control over their notification settings.

Another addition to Google Plus is a check box called “also send email” which you can use for your most important Circles. Members of this circle will then receive email messages from whenever you send them notifications.

In contrast, users can now “mute” notifications from other members of a circle.

Google Plus Sliders function is similar to hide stories, a feature in Facebook. Definitely, similar features will appear in other social networking websites as social media remains growing and overwhelming in volume.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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