Google Plus Introduces “Studio Mode” for Music Lovers

Recently, Google made an announcement about “Studio Mode,” a new feature that makes it possible for musicians to conduct live concerts online.

The amazing thing about it is that the platform offers high-quality sounds; what’s more, everyone who has a Google Plus account can join in. This means that any musician or band can broadcast a performance to virtually an unlimited number of listeners, absolutely free!

Music lovers can now use Google Studio Mode for live online concerts. (Image: via

Connecting Musicians & Fans

Matt Leske, the product manager at Google, says that they have observed how musicians connect with their fans through Hangouts on Air for some time now.

In fact, artists such as Suite 709 and Daria Musk have used the feature to conduct live performances and interact with their fans all over the world. Leske says that Google wanted to make these performances sound more stage-like, hence, the introduction of Studio Mode.

To use the feature, musicians simply have to begin Hangout On Air, click on settings, and change the mode from Voice to Studio. This way, the sound is optimized for playing music rather than conversations. It’s as simple as that, convenient and very easy to use!

Live Music Online

What makes Studio Mode so fantastic is that music fans can watch their favourite band online, and the sounds would be great.

In addition, they even get the chance to interact with their music idols! Bands, on the other hand, should take this opportunity to promote their music. Indeed, Studio Mode is another great development by Google that users will definitely love!

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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