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Google Plans to Send Weather Reports to Your Mobile Device, Then Sell You Umbrellas

By Laurentiu Stan / Mar 23, 2012 / Business, Web 12
Google Plans to Send Weather Reports to Your Mobile Device, Then Sell You Umbrellas

Continuing a never-ending story of technological amazement, Google Friday said it has plans to send weather reports and related data to your mobile device, and based on that data, will send you a subsequent stream of advertisements as to where – for instance – you could buy an umbrella, double quick.

BBC this morning reported that Google does not have immediate plans of implementing the system although it admitted that the Internet giant had successfully secured intellectual rights to the innovation.

The report said the future Google system proposes to fit certain mobile phones and similar portable devices with sensors that would allow the device to receive data on weather tidbits such as temperature, humidity, and air composition, to name a few.

The report added that the data received would automatically trigger previously poised appropriate advertisements, which will travel to the mobile phone.

The system allegedly automatically selects advertisements to send based on the degree of weather conditions prevailing, such as sending advertisements for thin coats when temperatures are a bit higher, and sales pitches for thicker coats arriving at the mobile phone when snow starts to fall and temperatures go a bit lower.

Observers have said that the system could be another potential breach of user privacy, noting that the plan aims to work offline, that is, even when the mobile phone is off and no browsing takes place.