Google Maps For iOS Release Draws Near

Google Maps for iOS is almost ready for release to Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, reports the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

The WSJ report uses information from someone knowledgeable about Google Maps software development. The source reveals that Google handed out a test version of a new Google Maps for iOS app to put final changes before submitting it to the Apple App Store.

The report says the remade Google Maps for iOS app will have turn-by-turn navigation, a missing feature before Apple kicked the app from its apps marketplace.

Talks about the new app speculate more in-app advertising so Google can take advantage and make more cash from the release.

“We believe Google Maps are the most comprehensive, accurate and easy-to-use maps in the world,” said Google’s spokesperson but declined to comment on the rumors. “Our goal is to make Google Maps available to everyone who wants to use it, regardless of device, browser, or operating system.”

The WSJ source did not mention a specific release date for Google Maps on the Apple App Store, but it will be sooner than expected, especially now that Nokia recently announced to bring its new Here mapping service to iOS devices.

Google Maps For iOS Release Draws Near

Image: Simon Yeo, via Flickr (CC)

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