Google+ Employs Strategy to Gain More Users

A new strategy is being employed by Larry Page, the chief executive of Google, to gain more users in the Google+ social network. The news came out recently in the Wall Street Journal.

Combining Gmail, YouTube, and Google+
In order to entice more people to use Google+, Google is combining it with Gmail, YouTube, and other Google products. And so, when a person is searching for a restaurant review on the Google search engine, he or she is pointed toward that restaurant’s Google+ page.

Similarly, those who are planning to post their own reviews would also be directed to do it via Google+. This applies to any product bought through Google, too.

Google+ is Google, according to Bradley Horowitz. (Image: west.m (CC) via Flickr)

Google+ is Google, according to Bradley Horowitz. (Image: west.m (CC) via Flickr)

Google+ Accounts Automatically Assigned
For the past year, actually, Google+ accounts have been automatically assigned to new users, even if they just signed up for Gmail. This default setting allows anybody to view the users’ pages through search results, although this can be changed. At the same time, users are also urged to post photos and statuses with their friends online.

According to reports, almost a year ago Page pushed for requiring users to log into their Google+ accounts simply for reading business reviews. This move, however, was stopped by executives, who were worried that users would not like the idea.

Integration of Google & Google+
Meanwhile, Bradley Horowitz, Google vice-president, states that their search engine and social network are becoming more integrated each day, commenting that, “Google+ is Google.”

This latest strategy by Google is being viewed by some as a move against Facebook, its strongest competitor. On the other hand, others perceive the strategy as a smart move.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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