Google Dominates but Less Accurate than Bing and Yahoo


Google Accuracy Level Less than Bing and YahooGoogle Search, the world’s most used Web search engine, has fallen behind Microsoft’s Bing in terms of accuracy, Web analytics firm Experian Hitwise reported.

According to a press release from Experian Hitwise for July, Microsoft’s Bing, with 12.98 percent share (excluding the 28.05 percent for Bing-powered search), lagged Google Search, which cleared 66.05 percent share of the U.S. search engine market and reestablished the Mountain View-based company’s dominance in the industry.

However, Experian Hitwise conducted another study, using the same sample of 10 million Internet users,  that showed the success rate of the top three search engines in July, with Yahoo’s 81.36 percent topping all rivals, while Microsoft and Google had 80.04 percent and 67.56 percent, respectively.

The second study means that Yahoo and Bing users are more likely to click through a link on the results pages compared to Google’s website suggestions.

If this trend continues, ad companies and marketers may consider switching from Google to Yahoo or Bing, as the latter two have better click-through rates than the former.

While Microsoft is doing the right steps to cover ground, toppling a juggernaut does not come easy, as a Google rival need more than time to do that.


Author: Francis Rey Balolong

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