Google Docs To Be Rebranded As Google Drive?


Google Docs to be Rebranded as Google Drive - Google Docs, Google Drive, cloud-based hard driveGoogle seems to be on the works for necessary preparations to rebrand Google Docs to Google Drive.

According to rumors and several reports, Google Drive will be a cloud-based hard drive for synchronizing files and will expectedly arrive as a rebranded version of Google Docs, the massively popular file storage service from the search giant.

The reports came after popular blogger and social media consultant Johannes Wigand posted a blurry image of the claimed new Google Docs version called Google Drive.

The screen surfaced for several seconds only at a Google-sponsored event, Wigand said.

Google Docs currently serves as online storage for several ways already, which includes the ability to upload, store, and share images, videos and PDF files – extended file formats from the original word-processing, presentation, and spreadsheet documents.

For now, Google offers the service with 1 GB free storage, but expandable to 20 GB for a $5 annual fee.

Google Docs also has uploads and downloads of whole folders and its contents.

If the rumors are true, Google Drive will expectedly go live with