Google Backs Limited Monopoly Alan Turing Edition

Google is celebrating the centennial birthday of Alan Turing, widely considered as the father of computer science and artificial intelligence, with a limited edition of Monopoly.

Apart from the search giant, Bletchley Park, where Turing worked for British codebreaking center Government Code and Cypher School (GCCS), is backing the Monopoly Turing Edition to celebrate the genius’s 100th birthday (23 June 1912).

“He might not be on a ¬£10 note yet, but at least he is on some kind of money, albeit Monopoly money,” reminds Google.

The Alan Turing Edition contains landmarks and locations associated with the codebreaker and comes with several other items, including a reproduced homemade board he once played and lost on and a few never-before-seen photos.

Each Monopoly package, besides the board itself, has explanations why particular locations were selected.

Google already paid for the first production run and interested consumers can preorder the Monopoly Alan Turing Edition for £29.99.

Delivery will expectedly start in November.


Source: Bletchley Park

Author: Francis Rey Balolong

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