Google Applies for China Online Map License Renewal

Google Applies for China Online Map License Renewal

Photo Credit: Fan Yang / Wikimedia (GFDL,CC-BY-SA)

Google has decided to keep online map operations in China, applying for the required government approval with its deadline fast approaching.

Chinese officials implemented new policies for online map providers last year, and explained that these companies need to have a license to operate.

After July 1, all firms that failed to grab a license will face corresponding punishment from the Chinese government.

The online search giant has faced great difficulty to comply with Chinese government regulations in the past, including last year’s decision not to abide the Asian country’s censorship laws; but its government sill chose to renew Google’s content provider license.

Even with the green light to continue operations in China, several Google products remain blocked, including Blogger and YouTube — part of the country’s policy to block sensitive online content.

According to China’s Analysys International, local search company Baidu dominantly takes the top spot with a 75.8 market share, while Google Search only has 19.2 percent market share.

Other companies also applied for online mapping licenses by teaming up with Chinese firms — Nokia has one, while Microsoft’s approval is underway.

Google recently blamed Chinese attackers for hacking the company’s email service, Gmail.

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