Google+ and Blogger Strengthen Ties

Blogger users are in for a treat, as the platform is currently strengthening ties with Google+ in the form of a new feature which allows them to “mention” people on Google+ in their blog posts.

An Exciting New Feature

With the new feature, Bloggers can now cite anyone who is on Google+ in their posts.  In turn, Google+ users who are “mentioned” will get to see it as a notification.  Consequently, this would be a great way to catch the attention of Google+ users, as well as a good method of providing context to the contents of blog posts.

Blogger users can now site Google+ users in their blog entries. (Image: ajSEO (CC) via Flickr)

Blogger users can now site Google+ users in their blog entries. (Image: ajSEO (CC) via Flickr)

How it Works

According to Maite Ubi from Blogger, the new mechanism works by typing “+” before the name of a Google+ user through the Blogger post editor.  The user’s page or profile will then show up in the published post as a link.  When the cursor hovers above this, a card containing more information about the user appears, along with an “Add to circles” command.  By clicking the link, readers are then transported to the page or profile of the Google+ user.

A Stronger Link

The new feature can also be used when a Blogger writes about any page or brand that is on Google+.  However, this cannot be done with “new Communities” just yet, which hopefully could help catch more attention and provide context.  However, it is a great start, an indication of the stronger link that ties Google’s platforms and products all together.  Through features like this, users are given more choices with regard to the privacy or social reach of their online activities.

What’s more, the new mechanism comes as a welcome addition to Blogger, especially since not much has been updated with the platform since it was redesigned last year.  Notably, this was the platform sold to Google by Twitter co-founder Ev Williams in 2003.


Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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