Google and Apple Tablets Will be a Major Hit this Christmas

A strong demand is expected by PC World, Curry’s, Argos, and John Lewis, among others, for tablets this December. In fact, for Curry’s and PC World, sales are already 1000 percent higher compared to last year’s numbers.

During the last six weeks alone, four new tablet computers have appeared to challenge the iPad. These are, the Kindle Fire HD, Google Nexus 7, iPad Mini, Nook and Nook HD.

Most retailers believe that it is not yet clear which tablet will dominate the market this holiday season. However,, believes that Apple will no longer reach the top spot, and that will be replaced by the 32 GB Google Nexus.

Retailers expect a huge surge in sales of Google Nexus 7 and other tablets this Christmas season. (Image: Domenic K. (CC) via Flickr)

Furthermore, according to Matt Leeser, John Lewis’ communication technology head of buying,

“Sales of Apple’s iPad and iPad Mini are very strong, but this is the first Christmas we have seen real rivals to Apple on different platforms, including Android and Windows 8. Tablets such as the Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD and Nook HD have all exploded on to the market and are selling very well.”

According to a Dixons spokesman, parent company of PC World and Argos, last Monday was called “cyber Monday” for being the most active online shopping day of 2012. He said,

 “We are still looking to sell a tablet every two seconds between now and Christmas. iPads were big last year, but the new devices that have come out this year have really opened up the market to a much wider audience. There is also a much greater price range, which is making a big difference.”

Furthermore, the spokesman added, “Apple products have always been popular, but this year is totally different. More people are cottoning on to the fact that these tablets can make their lives easier in lots of different ways.”

By the year’s ends, Argos expects to sell 1 million tablets. The company believes that it will definitely be a “tablet Christmas.” Simon Barry, a technology trading manager for the company, said that people nowadays want “‘my’ tablet rather than ‘our’ tablet – with multiple devices going into homes.”

Barry adds that tablets for kids will also become more popular. Examples of tablets for children are Nabi, which is dubbed as the “world’s first and most powerful tablet made just for kids” by its creator, Fuhu. Another popular tablet made for kids is Innotab 2. Furthermore, he said that cheap tablets, such as CnM Touchpad, will also sell better this holiday season.

Apple iPad Minis are so popular that some customers are willing to buy units sold for much higher prices on eBay. Currently, if you want to buy one you will have to wait 2 weeks before it will be delivered. On eBay for example, a 16 GB iPad Mini Wi-Fi version, which is priced originally at £269, is now being bid as high as £399.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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