Google AdWords Editor 9.9 Now Available To Download

Google silently released the updated application of its pay-per-click (PPC) program and main advertising product for Windows and Mac computers.

Early last week, the online advertising giant introduced AdWords Editor 9.9 to add Google Display Network updates, import and export improvements, and new campaign settings.

Google Display Network updates allows users to manage ad group flexible reach settings through a “Flexible reach” panel on the ad groups tab, or by CSV import. The firm changed campaign-level Display Network settings to a simple enable/disable option. For each ad group, select Display Network reach settings for display keywords, placements, topics, interest and remarketing, gender, and age.

Google AdWords Editor 9.9 comes with an improved CSV import to update campaign-level settings for the Google Search Network and Google Display Network. Users can decide how the application manages the importation of duplicate advertisements with different URLs. Use the new “Networks” column to update your campaign-level Display Network and Search Network settings.

Google AdWords Editor 9.9 Now Available To Download

The search giant included a new option for BlackBerry device targeting and a “Rotate indefinitely” option in ad rotation setting. Users can now target campaigns to BlackBerry devices, along with Android, iOS, and webOS. On the Campaigns tab, select “Edit” next to Devices. For ad rotation, choose “Rotate indefinitely” in the Ad rotation menu on the Campaigns tab.

AdWords Editor 9.9 includes support for ID attribute in product targets to create product-specific targets using product IDs from a Merchant Center feed. In Keyword Opportunities columns, the new “Monthly searches” column replaces “Global monthly searches” and “Local monthly searches.” The “Ad/search share” column now appears only on the Search-based keywords tab.

To update to AdWords Editor 9.9, install any version and a prompt to update will automatically appear whenever a newer version is available. The prompt will include three options:

  • Backup then Update: This option creates a backup file with all unposted changes and comments. If the account information must be removed as part of the update, which happens from time to time, simply import the backup file and comments and unposted changes will be intact.
  • Don’t Update: This option prompts to update again the next time AdWords Editor is opened.
  • Update without Backup: This option starts the upgrade without a backup. It could lose unposted changes or comments.

After installation, AdWords Editor 9.9 may require to download the account again. Users with multiple accounts must download each account one by one. The ‘Backup then Update’ option imports the backup file after re-downloading the account.

To see the current version of AdWords Editor installed in the computer, go to the Help Menu > About AdWords Editor.

Google said version 9.9 is also available to download from the AdWords Editor website.

“Support for previous versions of AdWords Editor will continue for four months to allow you time to upgrade. To ensure uninterrupted use of AdWords Editor, you will need to upgrade by March 13, 2013,” said Google in a blog post.

Author: Francis Rey Balolong

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