Google+ Adds Pan & Zoom Features for Greater Photo Experience

Google+ users can expect a greater photo-viewing experience, as Google has recently added pan and zoom features to the site.  These new functionalities allow users to view smaller areas of high-resolution photos, which they have posted on the site.

How to “pan” & “zoom”

In a post, Dave Cohen of Google stated that people who are viewing pictures from their desktop can now use the “pan” and “zoom” features.  When Google+ users click on a photo in the lightbox, a tiny square appears on the top left corner.  The square contains a plus and minus sign, which indicates how much they can zoom in or out.  To do this, they can use the mouse wheel.

Google+ adds pan & zoom feature

Google+ adds pan & zoom feature (via

Meanwhile, if a user would like to pan left, right, up, or down – he or she simply has to click and drag the mouse, and they can proceed to explore any part of the photo in greater detail.  The new functionalities can also be done using touch-sensitive trackpads.  Apple’s MacBook Pro, for example, allows users to do this.

Photo-viewing made better

With these new pan and zoom features, Google+ users would definitely have more fun exploring and viewing their uploaded photos.  Of course, they must keep in mind that Google+ results are included in the search results of their Google+ friends as well.  Thus, they should be aware of who they’re sharing their photos with because these could appear in their friends’ results.

Interestingly, these latest additions to Google+ have come several weeks after Google rolled out their full-size backups for photos on Android.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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