Gmail Now Searches Emails By Size, Date Brackets And More

Google has silently updated the way Gmail users search for messages on the emailing service to include size, date, and more advanced search options.

“We’re always looking for ways to make it faster and easier for you to find your messages using search in Gmail. So starting today, you can now search emails by size, more flexible date options, exact match and more,” said Google software engineer Christian Kurmann in a blog post.

The update means users can now search emails according to size, such that looking for emails larger than 5MB means typing ‘size:5m’ or ‘larger:5m’ (‘size:’ and ‘larger:’ are called operators), and looking for emails sent more than a year ago means typing ‘older_than:1y’. These three operators are only three of the new additions to Gmail’s advanced search options.

Gmail Now Searches Emails By Size, Date Brackets And More

“These changes go hand in hand with other recent enhancements to search such as the improved autocomplete predictions and a field trial for instant results from Gmail, Google Drive and more as you type,” said Kurmann.

On November 4, Google updated the way Gmail users create messages with a hovering composition window. It allowed users to access other messages and content in the background. Users are now untethered to writing a single email, and the new appearance allows simultaneous composition of two or more emails.

Author: Francis Rey Balolong

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