Global Smartphone Penetration Almost 10 Percent

Asymco has posted data re global smartphone penetration that showed almost 10 percent of the world population now use handsets capable of downloading, installing and running third-party software.

The analytics house published information that revealed individual smartphone penetration per mobile subscription of the top 42 countries based on data from Netsize Guide, Informa, Google and Ipsos.

“The data from the two sources is not really measuring exactly the same things, and there are considerable discrepancies on some of the data, but digging into both sources, we can get pretty good clarity on the actual national per-capita rates of smartphones, which should be very useful data for those who are interested in smartphones, their users and the related ecosystems,” said Asymco analyst Tomi Ahonen.

The study’s result suggests that Singapore has 54 percent of its citizens owning a smartphone to lead all other countries and notes that the US is the largest country to achieve a significant adoption level with 35 percent.

Interestingly, 19 of the 42 countries have smartphone penetration levels of 25 percent or higher, with two of the largest economies at the bottom three.

India settles for last place with three percent while China ranks third from the last with eight percent.


Samsung still leads all smartphone makers. Image: Alan_D / Flickr (CC)

Over 600 million smartphones are currently in use as opposed to 3.7 billion non-smartphones, a six-fold difference between feature phones and smartphones.

Nokia is still the global market leader of feature phones whereas Samsung has topped all smartphone makers in the global market.

Most handset makers are now shifting development to smartphones, with some ditching feature phone production such as Sony Ericsson, which plans to focus all efforts in making Android devices by next year.



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