FamilyLeaf, Niche Social Media Site for More Personal Online Sharing

There’s always somebody on Facebook who over shares. There are people who want all of their Facebook friends to know the most personal details of their lives, but there are also those who would like to keep these moments private to themselves.

During the past few years, social networks that are designed especially for families, including Origami, Rootsy, and FamilyLeaf, have flourished. This shows that more and more social media users want to experience a more confidential form of online sharing.

FamilyLeaf offers secure sharing of messages and photos to small groups, similar to what other niche social networks are doing.

According to Ajay Mehta, co-founder of FamilyLeaf, a lot of the users of this relatively new social network is discouraged by how open Facebook is. These users use FamilyLeaf because it is only used for the family.

Mehta adds that there is a disconnection when family members use Facebook to share with each other. Older family members find it hard to understand the intricacies of the social networking site, even as they create their Facebook profiles for their family members only.

On the other hand, younger family members tend to not want their family members on Facebook, because that limits what they can post on their profiles. Even as they accept their family members as “friends,” they usually change up the privacy settings to restrict what their family sees.

FamilyLeaf is a social networking site made especially for people who wants a more secure and private sharing with a select group of people online. (Image: via

FamilyLeaf is a social networking site made especially for people who wants a more secure and private sharing with a select group of people online. (Image: via

Mehta said that “the kind of content users share on both services is simply different, and users love FamilyLeaf because we all have memories, photo albums, and conversations that are meant to stay within the family.”

Wesley Zhao, the other FamilyLeaf cofounder, shares that on a personal note, the niche social network is very important to him because it allows him to connect with his family in China where Facebook is blocked. After so many years, Zhao’s family in China was finally able to see photos and updates regarding his family life in America.

FamilyLeaf can also be used to keep in touch with loved ones that are sick. It can also be used to share photos of children with extended members of the family, or share photos of special celebrations to an exclusive group of people.

FamilyLeaf is also a good place where users can share their private struggles to their loved ones, as is the case with one user from Brazil. This user shared how they struggled for 6 years to get pregnant, and finally shared the news of the pregnancy to their loved ones. Because FamilyLeaf is private, users can share whatever they want without having to face the fear of being judged by others.

These kinds of niche social networks not only keep your personal information private, but can also help you become more secure. Some people who have posted stuff about what is in their homes on Facebook have been victims of theft.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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